A simple, straightforward, at-your-own-pace Easy Money Management and Holistically Profitable Pricing email course. Designed for Conscious Lifestyle Transformation Business owners who want to understand, control, and master their finances and money once and for all.
Includes an easy-to-use Finance Made Easy online Minimum Pricing Tool.
With Transformerpreneur.com CEO, Mentor, Coach Richard Conner.
Money Matters for Transformerpreneurs
'So grateful for the clarity and value.'
Richard guided me through a crucial point of development in my business, an International Yoga Festival. He is so skilled and easy to work with that he turned what felt like daunting and complicated tasks into clear, accessible and fun aspects of the business.
Cathy Pearson Founder, Celtic Woodland Yoga Festival
Acupuncture, Art, Astrology, Bodywork, Breathwork, Coaching, Ecstatic Dance, Film, Hypnosis, Massage, Meditation, Music, NLP, Past Life Regression, Photography, Poetry, Reiki, Satsang, Shamanism, Ceremony, Spirituality, Tarot, Theatre, TRE, Writing, and Yoga, and more.
This course is for Transformerpreneurs working with the Transformation Modalities below who give private sessions, hold group classes, run workshops and retreats, provide teacher training, or offer related products and services.
'So grateful for the clarity and value.'
Offering private sessions and running workshops, courses, retreats, and teacher trainings can be a financial minefield if your product services aren't priced holistically. 

Spend just a few hours with this course and you'll learn how to manage your personal money and business finances, and see more clearly how both impact pricing and profit. 

You'll quickly gain high-level strategic insights and detailed practical guidance on the necessary financial aspects of running a sustainable and successful Lifestyle Transformation Business.

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Creating a sustainable business to liberate your lifestyle.
 Reducing money anxiety and overcoming financial resistance.
How much time to work ‘in’ and 'on' your business.
Planning for a profitable offering, business, and life.
 Knowing when and how much to pay yourself.
 Profitable session, class, workshop, training, retreat pricing.
 How much to spend on marketing and advertising.
From there you'll take a financial blindspot revealing journey to personal and business transformation that’s been walked by many new and established Transformerpreneurs, just like you.

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In the first lesson you'll learn how one small change quickly leads to more clients.
FINANCE MADE EASY for Transformerpreneurs Simple Money Management + Holistically Profitable Pricing is delivered daily over email in one sitting, or at your own pace, in your own time.
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'Amazed by the simplicity, efficiency, and practicality.'
Learn to love your numbers. No more flying blindly.
Francie Fishman
Founder Pure Flow Yoga
The Best Yoga, Mindfulness & Fitness Breaks of 2018 (The Guardian)
Voted one of the Top 5 Retreats in Southeast Asia by All The Rooms
Top Ten Yoga Retreats by BookRetreats.com

I'm so grateful for the clarity and value Richard has helped me find with some of the more challenging back-end aspects of my business. With his help, I have been able to implement some key changes and refinements that allow my business to run more efficiently and successfully while helping me to relax more.

I now have a bigger picture understanding of how my business works.

I know what steps I need to take to move forward with more peace, ease, grace and flow. As a small-business entrepreneur, it can get very overwhelming to manage all aspects of a business. I really appreciate the way Richard is able to sit patiently with me, explain things, and help me organise my information. His support is invaluable.
Randall O'Leary
Founder, Swara Yoga Academy
I am a yoga business owner with complex and difficult to understand finances. I felt overwhelmed and could not get a clear picture of what was going on with my income and outcome.

Richard Conner helped me to see the situation clearly and helped me to plan my finances for the future. He’s wonderful to work with: patient, calm and clear, he could help nearly anyone get a better handle on the bigger picture and the detail of their money matters.
Lukasz Kruk
Founder, The Wandered Man Project.
Meeting Richard Conner was an eye-opening experience that catalyzed my learning for numbers. He laid down a very solid foundation of how money works and guided me towards increased understanding of my financial blindspots and weaknesses.

Each session brought unexpected value to my personal life and enhanced my developing transformation business. I feel much more empowered, in control of my finances, and enjoy greater emotional and mental clarity surrounding my relationship with money.

Richard's intuitive guidance led me to feel relaxed and at ease. I’ve applied these new strategies and action steps and am now moving forward in life and business with more knowledge, skill, security, confidence, clarity, and certainty.
Meet your teacher, Richard Conner.
Richard Conner, Transformerpreneur.com CEO, Managing, Creative, Marketing, Operations, and Finance Director has 25 years experience starting, building, growing, turning around, and healing an award-winning group of creative transformation businesses with $5M+ in annual sales, and $25M lifetime revenue.

He is a Transformation Business Mentor, Coach, Author, Architect, Artist, Rebirthing Breathworker, Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Hypnosis, and a Shamanic Practitioner.

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